Human health effects


On Human Being, Animal and Property: Noise has always been with the human civilization but it was never so obvious, so intense, so varied & so pervasive as it is seen in the last of this century. Noise pollution makes men more irritable. The effect of noise pollution is multifaceted & inter related. The effects of Noise Pollution on Human Being, Animal and property are as follows:

Decrease in efficiency:
 Regarding the impact of noise on human efficiency there are number of experiments which print out the fact that human efficiency increases with noise reduction. A study by Sinha & Sinha  in India suggested that reducing industrial booths could improve the quality of their work. Thus human efficiency is related with noise.

Lack of concentration:
For better quality of work there should be concentration, Noise causes lack of concentration. In big cities, mostly all the offices are on main road. The noise of traffic or the loud speakers of different types of horns divert the attention of the people working in offices.

Fatigue:                                                                                                       Because of Noise Pollution, people cannot concentrate on their work. Thus they have to give their more time for completing the work and they feel tiring

Abortion is caused:                                                                                             There should be cool and calm atmosphere during the pregnancy. Unpleasant sounds make a lady of irritative nature. Sudden Noise causes abortion in females.

It causes blood pressure:
Noise Pollution causes certain diseases in human. It attacks on the person’s peace of mind. The noises are recognized as major contributing factors in accelerating the already existing tensions of modern living. These tensions result in certain disease like blood pressure or mental illness etc.

Temporary or permanent deafness:
The effect of nose on audition is well recognized. Mechanics, locomotive drivers, telephone operators etc. All have their hearing Impairment as a result of noise at the place of work. Physicist, physicians & psychologists are of the view that continued exposure to noise level above. 80 to 100 db is unsafe, loud noise causes temporary or permanent deafness.